"If time lines are tight, I know I can depend on Mark Parker/New North City Contractors, Inc.!  Even with best laid plans, unforeseen issues and changes  come up.  Mark is always willing to work with me to get the job done for the customer.  I've worked with Mark for years, and appreciate his attention to detail on specific construction requirements.  He and his men work well independently, and I can be focused on other needs for the overall project."

- H.B.
  President, Architect,

Carpenter Contractor
Our team of carpenters are skilled construction tradesmen with years of experience.able to bring to life your dream projects. Knowledgeable in both rough carpentry and finish carpentry, our team can build-out your designs as well as put on the finishing touches to complete them based on your project's needs.

Drywall Contractor
Hanging drywall and finish three coats taping requires finess to seamlessly blend within a room. Doing it right the first time requires the knowledge

Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS), Stucco & Hardcoat Plasting

Acoustical Ceiling
Need someone specialized in acoustical commercial and industrial projects, look no further. New North City Contractors has invested in the tools and training necessary to complete these advanced project.

Construction Management
Want to have "eyes and ears" on a job but negotiate with all the tradesmen for your project. No problem. Our construction management services are right for you. You can sit back while New North City Contractors handles the headaches associated managing a construction job. From timelines to cost management let our team bring your project in on budget.

General Contractor Pre-Constuction
New North City Construction is the ideal partner in the early stages of project development. We will work with project architects and engineers to value engineer for optimal results for both useability and financial requirements.

Experienced in working with building departments and subcontracts, New North City Construction knows what is required pre-construction to make a project run smoothly. Following the old adage “measure twice, cut once”, our preparation lays the foundation for a smooth construction or remodeling project. With each project we secure cost estimates and project timelines/ scheduling before construction begins so you know what your project entails ahead of time.

General Contractor Construction
When it’s time for “the rubber to hit the road” New North City Contractors makes things happen. Having coordinated hundreds of projects and thousands of hours of labor, our hands-on experience gives us unique insight into the construction process.  We know how to negotiate, prioritize, schedule and coordinate to meet deadlines and goals. We work as your contractor managment to get your project results. Having worked side-by-side with dozens of area tradesman, our relationships allow us access to the top craftsman.

Our style of job management not only monitors progress and financials, but we continuously monitor and control quality by spending time at our jobsites. Our progress reports aren't simply restatements of what we've been told, but are based on what we've done and seen.

General Contractor Post-Construction
After all the construction is done, New North City Construction is not done. We follow the project after the construction has stopped until the project has passed all inspections, met all codes and is completed to your satisfaction.
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